10 Visual Merchandising Tools

Presenting your products at a market is a part of your overall branding, and in order to drive consumer interest, effective visual merchandising can set you apart from other stallholders. After the successful execution of many Big Little Markets events, we have collated a list of tools to help you create a stall that stands out from the crowd and makes the most of the space you have!

Tiered Display Shelves

Utilising shelves of different heights in your display, adds visual engagement as well as easing accessibility of products. Tiered display shelves from Kmart are a great way to display your products at different levels. Alternatively, there is the option to rent display shelves from market stall co or order custom display stands to suit your visual needs and match your theme.

 Product Pricing

Whilst pricing every item on display is important, customers need to be able to see prices prior to picking up your product. Etsy offers printable templates as well as purchasing ready-made price tags for your products. Alternatively, tags and labels are available at Officeworks for you to add in prices yourself. 

Smaller Stands & Displays

We understand it can be difficult to display smaller items such as jewellery or essential oils effectively. In these cases it can help to purchase small stands to place on your main display table which helps customers see your products more clearly. Market stall co offers a variety of display trays for smaller items which you can buy or rent.

Clothes Racks

Clothes racks are a great way to expose customers to the maximum amount of merchandise whilst avoiding clutter. It also allows people to easily browse through purchase options and view them whilst walking past. You can purchase rails online through Catch or Kogan who also sells them in pairs at a discounted price.

Demonstrations & Tastings

Demonstrating how to use your product such or including tastings is a highly effective visual merchandising tool. If used well, they can help lead potential customers to make their purchase decision. The ability to ‘try before you buy’, lowers the apprehension in consumer minds, motivating them to purchase. You can purchase small dishes from Kmart or your local Supermarket to place small amounts of your product in.

Lights (For Night Markets)

Although venues offer lighting at night markets, adding the extra visual can help your stall stand out. It can also help create a lively atmosphere around your stall. There are unlimited options online to purchase market stall or Gazebo lights. Alternatively, you can purchase smaller fairy lights from Kmart or The Reject Shop to place on display tables, attracting customers to your area.


Pinterest is a great online tool for DIY display ideas like signage and stands. It’s a great way to remain creative when working with a tight budget and supports your process of creating a beautiful display for your products You can also display your finished product online as a visual image, acting as a marketing tool for future markets.


Although they can be a more expensive option to showcase your products, mannequins add dimension to your stall space while clearly displaying your clothing or jewellery items. If you do not need a full body mannequin, you can also buy smaller faces or hands on their own to display your products – this especially works for for jewellery. Face mannequins with hair are again a great way for customers to view your hair accessories or other related products and services whilst in use. This can also help customers address any concerns they may have about the product. 


Banners are another important tool which helps customers recall your brand even after the market. Custom vinyl banners are a great option and can be ordered online on Vistaprint. Officeworks also offers a wide range of banners, exhibition displays, flags and signs all of varying sizes and prices, making this an easy option to purchase your marketing material!

Table Cloths

Having the appropriate table cloth is crucial for your stall. A clean table cloth that covers all sides of the table down to the ground is usually best. This way, you are able to store extra items under the table and it will be hidden. The colour of the table cloth is also important and needs to fit with your theme without distracting customers.

If you have any other great merchandising tools we might not know about, we would love to hear them! Send us an email at events@biglittlemarkets.com.au or contact us on Facebook or Instagram!

Don’t forget to tag us on our socials if you try any of these tools, we would love to see your organised market stall!


To book a pop up market to come to your venue, shopping centre, car park, business, park or other space, we typically need four months notice. 

Get in touch with us and discuss what you are offering in terms of space, how you can help promote the event and what else you have planned for the event day. If there is space for over 30 stalls, if you have a strong promotions plan and event strategy, we might be able to bring a pop-up market to you for a minimal fee.



  • Stallholders are not permitted to pack up before events conclude.
  • Site access for set up is 3 hours before the event.
  • Final site maps and run sheets will be provided to stakeholders 1-2 weeks before the event.
  • Please provide a site map with  location preferences for the event.
  • Please note final site map locations may change on the day of the event.
  • Redsteps reserve the right to relocate vendors for better fit and to avoid gaps.
  • Bump out concludes one hour after the event finish time. Should bump out be required after trading hours, extra charges will apply.
  • Please outline on your site map where we will have access to toilets, power, water.
  • All vendors will be required to provide their Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency with their application.
  • Redsteps holds $20 million public liability and conducts risk assessments with every event.
  • All food vendors will be required to provide us with a copy of their Streatrader licence.
  • Vendor selection is at the sole discretion of Redsteps. Venue can provide exclusions of stall types or provide guidelines as to stall types.
  • Stakeholders must respond accordingly and cooperatively with all Event Management Staff 
  • The Event Organiser has the right to leave the premises should stakeholder behaviour be inappropriate or unsafe or breaches the vendors terms and conditions.
  • Stakeholders agree that during the event, the event organisers will be conducting videography and photography which may be published for the purposes of Redsteps and future event promotions.
  • Should the event be postponed due to bad weather or other circumstance we will reschedule the event to the next best date available for the location.
  • In the circumstances an event is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions and a replacement date cannot be established within 30 days of the original event date, Redsteps holds the right to retain fees for any works completed to date if event organisers have been paid any fees to host the event.  

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