Stallholder application


Big Little Markets run events throughout the year at a range of venues.  Right now our events are on hold.  When they are up and running again, you can register here to become a stall holder at our events.  Typical pricing for our stall holders is shown below. All our applications are processed by Redsteps.

  • Stallholders must be open and trading during specified event times.
  • Stallholders are not permitted to pack up before events conclude.
  • Site access for set up is 1.5 hours before the event – as specified on your bump in run sheet.
  • Site maps and run sheets will be provided to stall holders 1-2 weeks before the event. Any location preferences must be specified on the application otherwise we may not be able to meet your needs on the day.
  • Please note final site map locations may change on the day of the event.
  • Redsteps reserve the right to relocate vendors for better fit and to avoid gaps.
  • Bump out must conclude one hour after the event concludes.
  • Water and electricity access will not be available at the event unless requested and paid for as an optional extra.  Stall holders will need to source their own water and power if needed or request access to these at an additional cost.
  • If you are using LP Gas please note all gas appliances and cylinders must comply with Energy Safe Victoria’s Code of Practice for the safe use of LP Gas at Public Events in Victoria. You can access a copy of the regulations at
  • Site fee should be paid ASAP to confirm vendor position, sites will be allocated on preference and on first application and payment preference.
  • Vendors not on site setting up 30 minutes prior to event commencement may lose their site location and vendors arriving during the event may not be permitted to set up.
  • Vendors will need to bring their own tents/marquees, trestle table etc. unless otherwise organised by Redsteps.
  • Marquees and tents must be secured in a safe manner and weighted down appropriately (Council regulation of 20kg per leg of marquee, and with no marquee walls erected unless additional weighting is provided.  No pegging.) Failure to weight accordingly will result in you being asked to leave or remove your marquee.
  • Any injuries or damages arising from your equipment will not be the responsibility of Redsteps and will need to be covered by individual vendor’s Public Liability Insurance.
  • Vendors are required to ensure their site space is left free from rubbish, please take your rubbish home.
  • If the vendor causes any damage to the grass on site, $500 fine applies by the council and is directly payable by the offending vendor.
  • All vendors must be booked and paid in advance of the event.
  • All vendors will be required to provide their Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency with their application.
  • All food vendors will be required to provide us with a copy of their Streatrader licence.
  • No sub-licensing allowed
  • We will make every effort to notify you of the success of your application (approved or declined) ASAP.
  • Vendor selection is at the sole discretion of Redsteps. Redsteps is not bound to accept any application. The trader acknowledges and accepts that by submitting this application, it does not constitute any agreement between Redsteps and the trader and any acceptance of this application will be at the absolute discretion of Redsteps.
  • Completion of an application form does not guarantee a site.
  • The trader further acknowledges and accepts that by submitting this application the trader will be contacted by Redsteps with respect to the success of this application and no further correspondence will be entered into between Redsteps and the trader if this application may be unsuccessful.
  • This application may be accepted by Redsteps and the trader commences trading at the event, however Redsteps has the right to terminate the agreement with the vendor at any time if they deem that the products sold do not comply with their policy or are appropriate at the event.
  • Vendors agree to represent their site and themselves in a professional, safe and polite manner and not engage in behaviour that is disruptive or brings the reputation of these events or Redsteps into disrepute.
  • Vendors must comply with the requirements, regulations and legislations applicable to them including the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004.
  • Vendors must respond accordingly and cooperatively with all Event Management Staff in relation to all aspects of the event including the operation of their stall, setting up and packing up their stall, vehicle allocations, equipment and goods and any direction of a security or safety nature.
  • The Event Organiser has the right to direct vendors to leave the premises should their behaviour be inappropriate or unsafe or breaches the vendors terms and conditions.
  • Vendors agree that their images/voice may be photographed, recorded or filmed during the event which may be published for the purposes of Redsteps and future event promotions.
  • Notification of non-attendance is required prior to the event taking place but will not constitute a refund if cancellation is within 7 days of the event. Cancellations between 2 weeks and up to 7 days of the event may be entitled to a 50% refund based on circumstances.
  • Should the event be postponed due to bad weather or other circumstance we will reschedule the event to the next best date available for the location.
  • Should a date not be found for an event deemed to have extreme weather, a refund will be provided to stall holders.



Our events are promoted right here on our website, on the venue website where available and on event directory listings to ensure that people can find our events and join in the fun!


To get the word out to our audience, we share our event on our own Facebook and Instagram page. We also share our event on the social media pages of the venue (where available) and we advertise through Facebook to ensure our events are promoted far and wide.


We will utilise the venue we are running the event at to promote each Big Little Markets event.  We will use posters and signs at the venue, roadside billboards and flags and balloons where we can.


Rates may vary per event, but as a guide, most events follow the pricing below. Please see each event for specific pricing.

Item Inclusion Cost
1 x table space 1 x 1.8m table and 1 x chair $70
2 x table space 2x 1.8m table and 1 x chair $90
1 x table space  Space only $55
2x table space Space only $75

Rates may vary per event, but as a guide, most events follow the pricing below. Please see each event for specific pricing.

Item Inclusion Cost
3x3m Space Space Only $90
3x6m Space Space only $174
Food Truck Space – Up to 8m Space only $162
Not for Profit Space – non local charity Space only $50
Not for Profit Space – local charity Space only Free
Item Inclusion Cost
3x3m marquee setup 3x3m Marquee, 75kg weights on each leg, 1 x 1.8m table, 1 chair $180
Extra chair hire 1 x chair $5
Extra table hire 1 x 1.8m table  $20
Weights hire 75kg per leg x 4 legs $50
Powered site Power (if available) $70