Set Up Your Online Store

If you would like to reach more customers, selling your products from your own online store website is the way to go! Big Little Markets can help you get started with this process by building you an online shop or website for your business. 

We have partnered with Redsteps Web and created a website package personalised for our stallholders to get you online fast! Redsteps Web is experienced in building websites. Their services are jargon-free and simplify the process of building websites for small business. Visit the Redsteps Web website to learn more on what they do.

This website package includes everything you need for your online store. Once set up, your website show your customers who you are as a business while allowing them to shop for your products conveniently.

order your online store today

$99/month for 24 months + $500 up front

Please note that this package has specially been made for Big Little Markets’ stallholders and can only be accessed by the link above.

What your new website will include

Big Little Markets members also gain access to promotion packs to promote your products. This is only available to members to promote your products on the Big Little Markets site.

Please note that this package has specially been made for Big Little Markets’ stallholders and can only be accessed by the link above.

details of your website build


7 website pages

The website will be built using a template to help get your store online FAST! At the same time, it will have all the pages that you need for a successful ecommerce website.

These pages include:

  • Home
  • About
  • Shop
  • FAQs
  • Contact
  • News
  • Privacy Policy

This combination of pages will ensure your site is informative and easy to navigate.

Ecommerce ready

We work with your preferences and will set up a payment gateway that you are comfortable with. We can set up your online store with:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Square
  • Direct Bank Deposits

We will also set up 5 products of your choice so that your ecommerce website is ready to go. The products will be set up with an image and brief product description.

In order for you to be able to manage your website confidently, we will provide you a free video training session. This training loading products and pages so that you can edit the content of your site with your latest updates and products. 

Website hosting

In addition to building your website, we will also give it a good home. The hosting package that is included with your website has plenty of space for you to upload your products and take in your orders. Here are some of the website hosting features:

  • 2GB Website Storage
  • 2GB Website Memory
  • 200% CPU Processing Speeds

This combination of features is perfect to lift your ecommerce store off the ground!

FREE domain name

A domain name is your website address and helps your business get found online! Many businesses choose a domain name that spells their business name or is very close to it so that their customers find them easily and remember their address.

Our website package is the best opportunity to get your Australian domain name FREE for its first year of registration. An Australian domain name is crucial for your business to stand out. It helps your customers know that you are a local brand and that they are shopping local to support Australian businesses.

Here is an example of what your domain name could look like:

With Big Little Markets, you can get your business online with a website address that best suits!

Search engine optimisation

An important part of having an online shop is ensuring that it can be found by your customers. As part of the building process we will ensure that each page is optimised so that it can rank as high as it can on popular search engines such as Google for your chosen keywords. We will also ensure that your website is mobile responsive during this process.

Promotion on social media

We will promote your online store and your products on the Big Little Markets social media accounts. This promotion will consist of posting about your business and your new online website on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

We will also run a Facebook ad targeted at people likely to be interested in your products so that your customers learn about your online store.


Security is key for any website. Secure websites are also favoured by search engines like Google. This website build will include an auto SSL Certificate to ensure that your website is secure for you and your customers.

If you want higher levels of security for your online store, we also have other SSLs you can prder with us.

Ongoing maintenance

We will also conduct ongoing maintenance on your website. These maintenance sessions will occur once every 3 months and will include  plugin updates, theme updates and a site health check. This maintenance work ensures your site stays secure and can perform to the best of its ability.

Please note, maintenance does not include updates to the content on your site, however this can be arranged as an optional extra (charges will apply).


Do you need something a little extra?  Talk to us about adding additional pages or products, copy writing or sourcing images on your behalf. This is the perfect time to start your online store! Order your online store today and we will get in contact with you about your new website.

Please note that this package has specially been made for Big Little Markets’ stallholders and can only be accessed by the link above.